Lower East Side, NYC: Copper & Oak

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 2.18.49 PM.png

I’m totally obsessed with this place, especially because I’m besties with the bartenders (My parents said that’s not a good sign, but whatever.) When I lived on the Lower East Side I was two  doors down from this place and it quickly became my home away from home/oasis after long work days/favorite date spot.

It’s like a wine tasting bar, except for people who aren’t lightweight WASPs. (Jk! Wine tasting is like, a hobby of mine. But than again, I’ve been known to be a lightweight WASP…) Copper and Oak is a liquor tasting bar, which specializes in bourbon (my favorite!) and Japanese whisky.


This is their most showed me their most expensive bottle of whisky. The bartender told me that he goes to an auction each year to purchase it, where one bottle goes for about $7,000. A shot at Copper and Oak is $500. Apparently, people actually do buy this drink, usually a group of guys in finance all chipping in for someone’s birthday. Typical.

Anyway, like many places in New York City, Copper and Oak’s best selling point is their incredible ambience. The entire bar is like one aisle in the Strand with shelves up to the ceiling, but instead of books, top notch liquor bottles line the shelves. That’s my kind of library.

Pro Tip: Since Copper and Oak is classy and obnoxious like most cool places on the gentrified LES, their $20 drinks are about the size of a shot. You’re supposed to sip slowly enjoying all the subtle notes of hickory or whatever, not down it like you would a shot of Smirnoff at a dive bar. I came here with an old friend of mine from high school who just threw back his  whisky in one sip. I mean, props for going hard Dev. But the whole bar just kind of awkwardly stared.

(Don’t try grabbing the liquor bottles… unless you’re their best client so they let it slide.)


Anyway if you go make sure to tell Tomo that Hoyah that Claire says hi!!!!!



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