Berlin Street Art: the moment your drugs kick in


After leaving Paris, I went to Berlin for a few days with my mom. According to both my Parisienne friend and my Mom’s Lonely Planet guide book, street art is something for which Berlin in especially known. I signed my family up for a street art walking tour and two hour workshop. Highly recommend. Some of my WASPY family members felt a little mainstream because all the guests had piercings and wore black leather and were definitely okay with things like cursing and divorce. Still dope. Berlin street art culture is nuts and definitely a group of people I want to party with.

Some highlights:

Our tour guide told us about this crazy street art gang called the Berlin Kids,  (side note: kids??? how old are these people)  who do crazy stuff like train surfing and spray painting the tops of subway cars. All of their identities our secret. They even made a movie.

Game: can you find this guys penis?


Answer: Look at the pattern on his pants and how its painted so that the pants appear to bulge out in the appropriate spot.


The girl dancing was done by an artist who paints pictures of girls dancing at music festivals. He aims to capture the moment when your drugs kick in (that’s literally what my tour guy said) and you start dancing with no inhibitions.


This is my and my mom’s own “street art,”                                                                                 made after the tour with spray paint and stencils.


Get off your phone, sheeple.

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