High Tea at London’s Most Exclusive Country Club

Every time I’ve been to London, I’ve wanted to have a “proper”  English tea time, with scones and crumpets with cream in a ridiculously posh tea room with people who actually say “posh” in (in that sexy British accent of course).

My friend Fiona introduced me to her close friend Eliza, a super sweet and fun girl, who, after hearing I wanted to do something “like, super British,” invited us to have tea at her gym.

Uh…what? Thanks but I’ll pass drinking some Lipton out of a styrofoam cup while watching people sweat. Just because there’s tea involved doesn’t making it super British, Eliza.


Couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out Eliza is one of those classy people who down play their affluence etc. (a trait I adore). Her “gym” was  the Hurlingham Club: an exclusive country club, the type that if you’re not a member by age 5 then you’ll never be one.


The grounds were gorgeous, especially the tennis courts, as The Hurlingham Club is where the players warm up before The Championships, Wimbledon.


Earl Grey, scones with cream, cucumber sandwiches, and custom, individually wrapped Hurlingham Club chocolates.

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