No Bras Allowed: Slim Jim’s Bar in London


Slim Jim’s Liquor Store is a classic student bar with an edgy twist. Namely the decor, including the coolest ceiling I’ve ever seen.


Yup you saw that right. If you donate a bra, you get a free bottle of wine. Shirtless for Chardonnay, ladies! Did I mention London’s posh?

Modern Art Chandeliers?

Slim Jim’s is just seriously on point with interior design. They have an award winning jukebox, which is worth mentioning because it’s so dumb. Seriously, whose giving out that award?

London’s best (only) juke box is complemented by some peng* neon letters.


*It’s slang… from England.


Like 1 OAK but less obnoxious.

Side note: I got to reunite with one of my favourite people in the world. One of the best things about travelling is the people you meet. And the best people often have the same need to travel as you do, so you’ll end up meeting again. My Brazilian bestie from a summer in London two years ago is now studying fashion here & took me out for drinks. Not much has changed tbh, except we dress better now.







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