MTL Bars & Clubs: Big in Japan

This is my absolute favorite bar in Montreal, starting with the entrance, which you’d never want to enter because it looks like it’s the door to where they host fight club. But instead, it opens up to a beautiful, candlelit bar.


The. drink menu itself is pretty basic; what’s impressive is the bartender’s meticulous preparation and specialized technique. These bartender’s seriously know what’s up. Last time I was there, I saw my bartender whipping egg whites into what turned out to be my tequila sour. He explained to me that it created an incredible foam on top of the drink. The foam was actually such dope foam, I could get over the fact I was like, drinking eggs…

Big in Japan is perfect for a romantic date and for people who have a bit of disposable income. Or have my uncanny ability to have not been the one paying any of the times I went there 😉



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