Montreal Fetish Weekend

My first week back in Montreal after a summer interning in Manhattan and I was already homesick for New York. I needed something that would remind me why this city was so great: a whimsical, insane event that could only happen in MTL. I needed to remember why I fell in love with this city in the first place. 

When my friend told me about Montreal’s notorious annual Fetish Weekend, I was instantly intrigued. Fetish Weekend in Montreal is a huge, drawing people from all over the world. The event was created to celebrate sexual practices that many consider taboo, such as role playing and cosplay. For 2018, Fetish Weekend – which is really about a week, lasting from Wednesday through Tuesday – featured a Beat & Greet “Kinky Cocktail,” sex workshops, and a LATEXTACY Showtime Ball. And of course, there after-hours parties scheduled for every night beginning at 2 a.m. with themes like “Exotic Circus” and “Witchcraft All Night Play Party.” This is exactly the type of event that could only flourish somewhere as open minded as Montreal, and I knew I had to see it for myself. 

Tickets for the entire weekend range from $100-$500 but some of the events are free – including the “MODE EN FOLIE” fashion show at St-Hubert Supper Club. Honestly, this combined two of my favorite things (sex and fashion!) and I really couldn’t have asked for more. 

Upon arrival, I was first struck by the location. Montreal’s Gay Village is super cute, with rainbow baubles hanging across the street. And the street is always closed off to all traffic, which was perfect for the show set up: a red-carpet runway looped through the supper club and out into the middle of the street where the models ended their walk amidst a large crowd. 

The Looks: 
IMG_0315.jpg Credit: @ericlephotographeur

The looks in the show ranged from glorified lingerie to truly shocking getups. There were far too many bedazzled bustiers and a woman wearing only a black g-string and a latex slip. One woman wore pigtails and plaid school girl outfit made entirely of pink latex. There were also a lot of women channeling dominatrix vibes with high ponytails, mesh and studs paired with male counterparts in nothing but tight leather briefs. The biggest shock value came from the man wearing a full leather body suit – covering everything including his face, who came out crawling behind a woman leading him on a leash. And many of the attendees were just as decked out as the models in the show – if not more – with their own fair share of latex body suits and leashes. 


Credit: @levillagemtl


Credit: @sir.master.marc

Check out my Instagram stories of the show here: 

The best part of the show was the energy, which was truly incredible. Lots of people had come in from different provinces or countries just for the weekend. Everyone was here to celebrate sexual kinks and fetishes that are often deemed unusual or even condemned by mainstream society. So the entire crowd had an aura of total acceptance and welcoming nature. No one was there to judge; everyone just wanted to have a good time. 

As for me, I took the opportunity to sex up my look as much as possible without going full on fetish wear. And I couldn’t help but indulge myself because who knows the next time I’d be able to wear lingerie in public and not be arrested. I have been dying to wear this sweet little bralette ever since I snagged it from LF in NYC. I paired in with my favorite pants of the moment: white culottes from Yumi Kim. My glittery, lace up stilettos were the obvious choice to complete this look. 

My night ended at a drag queen cabaret show, because of course it did. Shout out to Mado and her equally fabulous co-hosts at Cabaret Mado for being truly iconic. See my instas of her here, she’s such a treat:


  1. I saw that you talked about this in class and I was so curious I had to read it, haha, great review! Also I know NYC is just as quirky as a city as MTL, does new york have a festival similar to this as well?


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