How to stay skinny while still enjoying the world’s best food

Picking my lunch in the Galapagos Islands

Staying fit while traveling can be challenging, especially if you’re a total foodie like me. But that’s no reason to miss out on exotic delicacy or spend time in your hotel’s gym (also – why’re you even staying in a hotel? hostels are where the parties @.) Instead, incorporate these simple tenants into your lifestyle while abroad – and drink lots of water – to avoid packing on the pounds.

1. Choose your moments.

If I’m headed to Italy, you best believe I am planning on trying every pasta dish the city has to offer. Sure,  I like to maintain my figure – but in a candlelit, hole in the wall in Florence, cellulite doesn’t exist. It’s a steadfast dieting principle that while travelling,  calories only count when the food sucks. I’m looking @ you. Airplane meals – don’t eat them. Have a KIND bar and a large glass of shitty (albeit hopefully free, ayyyyy overseas flights) wine and save your calorie bank for the best restaurants in your destination.


2.  Never go to the gym.

If you have time to hit the gym before breakfast, you’re not hitting the clubs hard enough. Go for a run along the beach, take a yoga class in a temple, go shopping and sightseeing, take tours, climb every monument and hike to every breathtaking view. Play in the ocean, ride a horse or a camel or an elephant, and dance until four in the morning. Do.  Not. Go. To. The. Gym.

Hiking in Zermatt, Switzerland, definitely beats the treadmill.

3.  Share food with your friends.

This is a pretty obvious one, but a great way to sample all the city’s best food is to share with everyone at your table. My friends and I will strategically plan our orders together (often with the help of the waiter and other third party recommendations) to ensure that we are collectively ordering the best dishes and drinks available and then we all share our orders.

Paris, France – where calories don’t exist.

4. Avoid beer and specialty drinks (except when it’s like, really good).

Take this tenant with a grain of salt because it obviously doesn’t always apply. (i.e., sipping a vodka soda @ Oktoberfest is just not ok.) Definitely drink the cool Asian beers if you’re in Japan or the eclectic, craft beers if you’re visiting Vermont. (Refer to rule #1, same principle) But when you’re at a bar five drinks deep, you’re not going to appreciate the subtle lemony finish of an IPA fermented for 80 years in gooseberry barrels or whatever. Switch to a vodka soda to save yourself the calories.

5. Avoid cocktails (except when its like, really good).

This is the same rule as above except instead of facetious, overpriced beer I am talking about facetious, overpriced drinks. I never drink cocktails unless the place is known for them and/or I’m not footing the bill. Then I always drink them. Choose your moments, people.

The Shard in London, famous for the breathtaking views and overpriced cocktails.

If all else fails, and you end up eating an entire plate of fettuccine alfredo, follow it up with a bottle of wine, go out, and spend all night dancing – you’ll burn it off/stop caring.

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