Venice’s best mask shop

Venice is an amazing city for a multitude of reasons. The twisty, maze of streets makes you feel like you’re in some sort of fairly tale (or horror movie.) It’s easy to fall in love in Venice, and even easier to get lost. But without a doubt, you cannot leave Venice without purchasing one of their famous masks. These are for sale everywhere, hanging in the windows of shops and off the carts full of souvenirs and every other tourist traps. While these mass produced items are fun, it’s definitely worth the splurge to get a handmade mask from the best mask shop in Venice. 

Cà de Sol is hidden away in an alley (like pretty much everything in Venice) and absolutely stuffed full of gorgeous masks. I’m obsessed with the one I got there. It’s actually hanging on my wall but sometimes I don it for special occasions. 

The masks are all unique, handmade, and absolutely beautiful. The space itself doesn’t look super luxe, but when it comes to quality, trust me – it’s top notch. This store was opened in the 80s and employs a group of artists dedicated to creating these works of art. Just like the city in which it’s situated, Cà de Sol is perfect to get lost in, with shelves full of the intricate masks crowding the tiny shop.

Make sure sure to add this to you Venice itinerary alongside a ride down the canal, treating yourself to some mandorlato, and finding a new boyfriend.  



  1. Claire- Wish I was there.
    Winter in Venice is always mysterious & beautiful. I love the light – with or without a elegant mask. Enjoy your stay. Carmile


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